What is the ASCE Younger Member Leadership Symposium and why you should attend

Last month, I attended the American Society of Civil Engineers Young Members Leadership Symposium (YMLS) along with 60 other younger members leaders from across the globe.

The 3-day workshop held at ASCE Headquarters was filled with excellent information and interactive workshops focused on early-career professional skills development to help ASCE Younger Members succeed and lead in the workplace. It was an unforgettable experience where I was able to develop my personal vision statement, learn from seasoned project managers about the transition into a PM role, and how I can get involved with public policy through ASCE. I was inspired by the accomplishments of my peers in attendance who are making a difference at their company, ASCE Sections, and in their general communities and I am excited to keep in touch to see what other amazing things they do during their careers. ASCE YMLS is an excellent program that I would recommend that any younger member attends in the future! Special thanks to all of the YMLS organizers/presenters and ASCE staff who put together such an amazing program and facilitating excellent discussion between all those in attendance.

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