Meet Our Ambassadors

Below are our STEM Changemaker Ambassadors who are doing amazing work in their respective STEM field. Check out their contact information or their social media if you have questions for a specific ambassador.

Luis Duque, PE

E – Engineering

How are you a STEM Changemaker?

I volunteer with multiple engineering organizations in the US to help students and young professionals succeed in their careers. I also create resources through my podcast and blog to increase the voice of some amazing engineers and provide the resources needed to engineer our future.

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Zakithi M.

S – Science

How are you a STEM Changemaker?

I use my YouTube channel BlackGirlScientist to motivate, encourage and inspire young people and especially young black girls to pursue a career in science. I share my journey through science and how others also on the journey can navigate through it. I give advice as well as share some tips I’ve learned along the way. I like to think of it as a virtual mentor. I also debunk stereotypes about science and scientists and hope that one day a black woman will come to mind when you say the word ‘scientist’.

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More STEM Changemaker Ambassadors will be added soon!