Attending WE19 as a SWE Senator

FY20 SWE Senate

This past weekend I traveled to Anaheim, California to attend my sixth SWE annual conference. This three-day conference boasted 16,000+ attendees from 33 countries and included a career fair with 410 organizations, a day-long outreach event called “Invent it Build It”, and much much more! The keynote speakers were phenomenal including Rachel Hutter who related her career journey to the women of Star Wars! Also, this was my first annual SWE conference as a Senator and I greatly enjoyed the opportunity for the whole Senate to meet in-person together at this conference to discuss our progress on our strategic initiatives for the fiscal year.

Special congratulations to the Drexel SWE section, which won its second Gold Mission Award and first Best Practices Award at this conference. As their professional counselor, I know how much hard work the board dedicates to their excellent programming and I am proud to see that society level is recognizing this.

Thank you Pennoni for this incredible opportunity and understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion in the STEM fields!

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