Review of 2022 Goals

Continuing the tradition, my December post will summarize my year and review the goals I set at the beginning of the year.

Presenting at ASCE’s Younger Member Leadership Symposium in June 2022

2022 was full of transitions – My partner finished his residency in June and then the following month, we moved apartments. I celebrated 1 year at my new company, finished my 3-year term as a SWE Senator, and many other small wins to celebrate as well.

In terms of my 2022 goals, here is where I stand:

1) Take and pass the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Exam. I am excited to be able to say that I passed the PE Exam in August of this year! This is a pivotal milestone in my career as an engineer (as well as most likely the last major exam that I will ever have to take). While I didn’t end up finding an online study group, I did use social media to bring you all along in my journey. If you have any questions about my experience please email me or leave the question below in a comment!

2) Write a blog post at least once a month. I also completed this goal by posting a blog post each month. After I passed the PE, I focused many of my blog posts on this while it was still fresh in my mind.

Below are the blog posts that I authored and posted this past year:

MonthPost Link
DecemberThis post!

I loved all these topics, but I especially enjoyed writing the ones about the PE Exam to share my advice for folks who want to also become a Professional Engineer.

3) Declutter a room in our apartment each month. While I did declutter, organize, donate, and dispose of some things from each room before we moved in July, I didn’t go through everything like I hope. I was proud that I did donate a decent amount of clothes and shoes in good condition before we moved and do plan to incorporate a similar goal into 2023.

4) Focus more on my relationships and building an online STEM community. In 2022, I got to celebrate the weddings and birthdays of friends and family! While I have yet to reach 1,000 followers on TikTok , I hope to post more in 2023 in hopes of reaching this goal next year and then being to host lives with you all on there. To further build relationships in the online STEM Community, I presented at Stemedia’s 4th Annual virtual STEM Success Summit in November which was an awesome opportunity!

Poster from the 2022 STEM Success Summit

5) Over 80K in Investments. According to my tracking in the Personal Capital app, I have completed this goal as I have over 80k saved in total across my 401k, ESOP, Roth IRA, and also through my brokerage account (stocks, ETFs, crypto, etc.).

There are many things that I accomplished this year both small and large:

  • Speaking to students at ASCE SEI Structures Congress 2022 in Atlanta, GA about my experience post-graduation.
  • Renewed my ENV SP certification.
  • The Princess with Powertools 2022 Calendar was sent to 1,600+ classrooms which include over 75,000 students
  • Appointed to a regional position for ASCE.
  • Dedicating over 40 hours to student outreach impact, mainly in a virtual setting, and reaching over 1000 students through my efforts in 2022! In early 2022 I was recognized by SWE for my STEM Outreach efforts as I was awarded the SWE WE Local Engaged Advocate Award.

Here is to celebrating accomplishments (no matter how small) and to a wonderful 2023!

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